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White Wine

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2011 can be characterized as a late, cool vintage. The season started off slow, with bud break in mid-May, 3-4 weeks behind average. This delay persisted through flowering, which occurred in mid-July. Using these indicators as a road map for the rest of the vintage, our focus turned to managing our vineyards in a way that would ensure good quality at harvest. Much effort was spent in making sure shoots were positioned to receive maximum sunlight, and yields were cropped low for better ripening. Pinot Gris vineyards were thinned to about 1.5 clusters per shoot. Warmer temperatures in August helped speed up the ripening process, followed by a cool September during which complex flavors continued to develop. Decent weather in October offered a good finish to the season. Most of harvest took place during the last two weeks of October, one of the latest on record.

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    United States
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    White Wine
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    Pinot Noir
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