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White Wine

Wine details

This 100% Chardonnay wine is fermented in oak barrels and in stainless steel. Half of the blend undergoes malolactic fermentation under strictly controlled conditions to maintain fruity aromas and encourage complexity in the wine. Pale greeny-gold in color, its aroma combines butteriness, vanilla and tropical fruit. A fresh wine; fruity, with good body and balance; creamy and complex mid-palate, with an elegant finish. The oak on our Classic Chardonnay is minimal and so well integrated that it is only perceptible as a richer mouthfeel. The wine will stand up nicely to white fish like halibut, trout or sole. Butter and herb sauces, meunier, will be great matches. Salads and dishes with pungent cheeses like Roquefort will intensify the fruit and floral aspects of the wine.

Fact sheet

  • Country
  • Region
    Central Valley
  • Wine Style
    White Wine
  • Type of wine
  • Matching With
    Fish, Nuts, Cheese