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Liquor details

The nose is very much of grain whisky with very little evidence of any malt whisky however while it is quite one sided towards grain there are no evil notes like gasoline or strong solvents but there simply isn’t much here. The taste is middle of the road in flavour profile and tastes like whisky with some nice sweetness which is a pleasant surprise. It’s also quite vibrant but there is still little evidence of any malt. Once again there is nothing alarming in the taste. The finish has some fruit and …… some grain ( think of corn or chewing on wheat grains straight from the field). Some chewy moments towards the end and once again nothing to set off the alarm bells, actually quite a vibrant finish, not dull. Some very light green notes towards the end of the finish that is surprisingly long. There some grain in there however not a hint of the malt that must be in there somewhere. After a few minutes there’s some slight hints of NutraSweet at the very tail end of the finish.

Fact sheet

  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Product Type
  • Alcohol Proof
  • Bottle Size
    1 L